Guangzhou SICOT Orthopedic World Congress 2015
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Conference Dates: 
Thu, 2015-09-17 - Sat, 2015-09-19

Guangzhou (Canton), China, will be the venue of the 2015 SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress.

The SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress will be in Mainland China on September 2015. The meeting will lay out new blueprints for important issues of orthopaedic development today and address our role in resurveying the current controversies in orthopaedics. Various instructional courses will also be held for young surgeons and trainees during this grand meeting.

Guangzhou, the forerunner of China's reform and opening up endeavor, is endowed with a profound history of two thousand years and boasts a unique and splendid South China culture. Guangzhou will also offer a chance for participants to explore Chinese culture, traditions, as well as China's unique way of development.

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