Message from HoD

The department of orthopaedic Surgery since its inception in 1972 has continued to grow.  The department in conformity with the rest of the department has developed and adopted a Strategic Plan.  The current plan runs from 2008 – 2013.  The department which started with one lecturer in the name of Dr. M.K. Jeshrani now has 14 members of staff and with increasing number of students will hopefully continue to cover the 17 full compliment.  The department used to teach only MBChB students in the 3rd and 5th years.  Now it teaches in addition M.Med(Ortho), M.Med (General Surgery)  and BDS students.  It also runs an ATLS course yearly and plans to have two courses a year. The Surgical Skills Laboratory was started in Chiromo on 01/11/2012 and now attracts arthroplasty courses using cadavers.

With the help of members of the department, an orthopaedic journal for the region in the name of East Africa Orthopaedic Journal was launched in 2007.  The founding editor is a member of the department.  This Journal has opened an avenue for communication of observations and research in the region to the local and international community.  The journal is produced twice yearly but is planning to increase frequency with an increasing number of contributors.

The department has partnered with other institutions worldwide to establish exchange programmes and open an avenue for exchange of ideas and technology.  Such collaborations are with Fort Wayne in Indiana, USA and University of North Carolina, School of medicine. The University of North Carolina is now steadily sending students to the department for attachment.  Plans are underway to draw an MOU and also send able students to University of North Carolina.

 Members of the department have continued to contribute to advancement of surgery in the region and nationally and have thus been noted both locally and internationally.  Prof. Mulimba was elected fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, Prof. Gakuu Elder of Burning Spear and Dr. V.M. Mutiso won the award of British Medical Journal Research paper of the year (2011) as one of the collaborators in the research on “Tranexamic acid use in trauma”.

The first M.Med(Ortho) graduates were taken in 2008 as a transfer from general surgery and graduated with M.Med(Ortho) in February 2012.  They were feted by Xavier Pharmaceuticals at Pan Afric Hotel on 16-3-2012.  The M.Med(Ortho) student population has grown to 35 in a short  period and students are from Kenya, East Africa and beyond including Liberia, sierra Leone, Somali and DRC.  There are a number of applications from further  afield.

 Members of staff continue to participate in local and foreign conferences.  Invitations are made for some to give lectures in special conferences as was Prof. Mulimba invited to give a lecture on ‘Arthroplasty in Resource Limited Africa’ in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Dr. Mutiso VM, Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


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