Mission, Vision, Core Values


To be a center of excellence in innovative Orthopaedic and Trauma training, research and health care provision.


  • To produce a doctor capable of assessing, diagnosing and giving appropriate primary management of orthopaedic and trauma patients.

  • To provide quality training, research and healthcare in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery.

  • To enhance collaboration with other government healthcare provision services, organizations, research institutions and professional bodies both locally and internationally.

  • To enhance development of Orthopaedic and Trauma care policies nationally.

  • To provide diagnostic services, consultancy, Research and clinical services nationally, regionally and internationally.

  • To generate relevant technologies through research.

Core Values

The department of Orthopaedic Surgery is committed to realizing its vision and mission. To this goal the department operates within certain beliefs, which have contributed towards its past successes. The department will:

  • Seek to uphold professionalism and ethics in all its dealings with its stakeholders.

  • Seek to be accountable and transparent in all its operations.

  • Strive to uphold integrity, honesty and quality in all its activities.

  • Promote linkages with local and international organizations/Universities and institutions.

  • Produce a doctor well grounded in the principles of orthopaedic and orthopaedic trauma

  • Produce a doctor capable of safely standing on his own in adverse conditions.

  • Produce a doctor capable of carrying out research.